As a lover of food, I am always trying new things…except seafood. YUCK!! although, I do cook it for my Family, I just dont eat it, I try about once a month to see if I like it yet, as of last week….I still dont.

I am on a mission to rid myself of a few pounds (which I’ve done ~ 11 weeks, 17lbs, 24 total inches!!!!) and to eat healthier and not put a bunch of proccessed junk in my body…although is sure does taste good!! I once seen a post on a friends wall that said

“About 80% of the ~foods~ on supermarket shelves today didn’t exist 100 years ago”

I loved it, because it’s true! Just over time, companies have made cooking a fancy, yummy dinner easier. I’m not putting them down, because I probably couldn’t live without them, but I am going to try…or at least cut back. Not only is it loaded in salt and junk, I hate salt BTW, if a recipe calls for it, I leave it out, and nothing I have ever made did I say, hmmm could have used a little salt :) It’s expensive buying fast easy ingredients. example… I love club house sauces and gravies. loaded in salt and super expensive for 1 meal, but Ive found for the price of 2 brown gravy mixes I can make 5! It may take a few more extra minutes, but worth it.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a “healthy food only” blog by any stretch of the imagination! I’ll probably throw some DIY’s and crafts in here too!!
BUT….I do have a FB group for that. A support and Motivational group for weight~loss and healthier eating.
Click and join us here—for more every day fun, tips, recipes, weight loss support & motivation.. and learn about Skinny Fiber!

Enjoy my creations!!!!

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